You’ll always receive a warm welcome on Corvo, and the warmest welcome of all comes from the Hotel Comodoro.

Corvo’s population is tiny, and their geographic isolation and self-dependence makes them a strong and determined bunch. But they’re also cheerful, good-humoured and amiable, and they’ll welcome you whole-heartedly into their small community. There’s just one town, Vila do Corvo, and there’s just one Hotel: the Hotel Comodoro. It’s modest and homely – perfectly in keeping with the island and you wouldn’t want it any other way. There are thirteen ensuite rooms, a communal lounge, a breakfast room and an outside terrace. And nothing’s very far away – the airport, the harbour, the bakery and the BBC Caffe are all within easy walking distance.

If you’re visiting Corvo, it’s to visit the caldera: the island was originally formed 430,000 years ago by a 1km high volcano which collapsed into today’s 300m high caldera. It takes round an hour to walk from the hotel to the crater rim – and for the dedicated hiker, an additional hour up onto the Estreitinho which brings you to the Morros dos Homens – Corvo’s highest peak (at 718m).




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