With great flight connections to the Azores from the UK and other parts of Europe, the islands are just 4 hours away.

The Azores have 3 main international airports; Ponta Delgada on São Miguel, Lajes on Terceira and Horta on Faial. International flights also land (but less frequently) into Santa Maria and Pico.

However, each of the 9 islands has its own airport so island hopping is very straightforward.

Getting to the Azores

FROM THE UK Gatwick direct flight - SATA Air Azores operates a direct flight from Gatwick to São Miguel every Saturday from May to October. The flight takes 4 hours. Stansted direct flight - Ryanair operates a direct flight from Stansted to São Miguel every Saturday year-round. The flight takes 4 hours and prices vary hugely depending on demand. We are very happy to book these budget flights for you. Manchester and Heathrow flights - TAP Air Portugal operate flights from Manchester and Heathrow to Lisbon and then onward flights to the Azores. Each leg takes around 2½ hours and prices range from £320 upwards depending on availability. Budget airlines - if you are looking to fly from another regional airport in the UK, you may want to consider flying with a budget airline to Lisbon and then onwards to the Azores. The only thing to bear in mind when doing this is that you are effectively on 2 separate tickets so we always allow at least 3 hours connection in Lisbon in case of delays. FROM THE USA AND CANADA There is a fantastic direct service with SATA Air Azores to the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira from Boston and Toronto. FROM LISBON There are daily flights from Lisbon with TAP Air Portugal, SATA Air Azores, Ryanair and Easyjet to the islands of São Miguel, Faial and Terceira with connections from many major cities around the world. FROM THE REST OF EUROPE SATA Air Azores operate flights to the Azores from Amsterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona, Billund, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Las Palmas, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Oslo, Zurich, Faro, Porto, Funchal and Porto Santo.

Getting around the Azores

Air - all nine islands are linked by the local airline (SATA Air Azores), whose planes operate scheduled flights around the archipelago. They operate like buses flying to one island, stopping for 20 minutes, then flying on to another island, making island hopping easy. Planes used are usually 40 and 80 seat twin propeller Bombardiers. Ferries - these are fairly limited but it is possible to sail between Flores and Corvo, between São Miguel and Santa Maria and there is a good service around the central group of islands, particularly between Faial, Pico and São Jorge. Car - car hire is available on all islands and we can reserve this for you. Vehicles are generally fairly new and range from super mini to people carrier. Petrol is a little lower in price than the UK. The Portuguese drive on the right and the Azorean roads, although sometimes bumpy, are generally traffic free and fairly well sign posted on main routes. Mopeds and bicycles are also available for hire and a European style license (with photo ID) is required for all motorised vehicle hire (or an old style license and passport). Taxis - these are an excellent way of getting around as many drivers speak English and prices are low compared to the UK. The vehicles are generally quite new and of a high standard. Bus - buses run on all of the islands and they are a very inexpensive (though slow!) way to get around the islands. The best service is offered on São Miguel where the main towns are linked 3 or 4 times a day. However, the service is definitely designed for the locals rather than visitors, so if you want to see all the sights, you might be better off hiring a car.

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