With close to 400 species sighted in the archipelago, this is a rewarding yet quiet bird watching destination.

For many the main draw of an Azores bird watching holiday is a sighting of the endemic Azores Bullfinch found in a small area of São Miguel and one of Europe’s rarest birds. But the Azores are also home to the largest numbers of Cory’s Shearwater and Roseate Tern colonies in the world and you’ll not want to miss the Atlantic Canary (an exclusive species from Macaronesia), several subspecies of the Common Chaffinch, the São Miguel Goldcrest and the Azores Woodpigeon.

Then, of course, if you have your bird watching holiday in October you’ll be in the undisputed rarity hotspot of the Western Palearctic with a wealth of America vagrants on offer from shorebirds and wildfowl to wood-warblers and vireos.

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