To the north of Flores, a 60 minute boat trip takes you to the smallest island Corvo.  The picturesque town of Vila Nova with a population of just 400 is a maze of narrow streets, called ‘canadas’, waiting to be explored. Monte Grosso, the highest point on the island, offers an extraordinary view overlooking the steep sided crater that formed the island.


Corvo, which literally translates as the Island of the Crow, is the smallest and the northernmost island of the Azores archipelago. You can walk or take a taxi up to the crater "Caldeirão' or 'Great Kettle'. It looks more like an emerald bowl scattered with lava bombs and serves as grazing land for hundreds of cows.
Corvo is one of the most beautiful of the Azorean islands, and much of the island’s traditional language, customs, and way of life has been preserved as a result of Corvo’s isolation. Corvo is simple, serene, and charming, offering beautiful scenery as well as fabulous volcanic-induced geology.
Corvo's main attraction is now as a world-renowned site for birdwatchers wanting to catch a glimpse of North American vagrants at this, the edge of the Western Palearctic.


A short stay on Corvo is usually enough unless you are a keen birdwatcher. Activities are limited as it is so tiny but that is part of its charm.


There are just two official guesthouses on Corvo, although we also have access to private rooms in Vila Nova.

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