Being the third largest island and the third island to be populated, the first settlers christened her with the Portuguese word for third: Terceira.

TerceiraIf you’re looking to immerse yourself in Azorean culture without the hustle and bustle of Sao Miguel, be sure to include a stay on Terceira. The island is home to Angra’s the Azores’ oldest city, Angra do Heroísmo, whose cobbled streets, historic architecture and friendly population give the city a seductive charm.

TerceiraAs a protected UNESCO world heritage site, the Angra’s stately 17th and 18th century architecture bears witness to Portugal’s golden age, when the city blossomed economically, culturally and architecturally, and a long list of exiled members of the Portuguese nobility called Terceira their home.

TerceiraInland, the island’s rugged interior provides a glimpse of how the Azorean landscape would have appeared to the first settlers arriving in the 15th century. Just over 20% of the island is classified as a protected Natural Park, to preserve and protect the last remaining laurisilva and juniper forests.

TerceiraIt’s also a very volcanic landscape of criss-crossing lava flows and spectacular cave systems – most famously at Algar do Carvao: a unique 3000-year-old volcanic chimney and one of Portugal’s most-fascinating Natural Monuments.


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