Join us on one of our exciting whale watching holidays.

The Azores are Europe’s leading whale watching destination, home to sperm and pilot whales, beaked whales and false killer whales, and bottlenose, common and North-Atlantic spotted dolphins. Peak season is from April through to October – whilst in the spring, the larger migratory species are passing through: blue and fins whales, and sei and minke whales heading north for the summer.

Trips normally last around three hours and we’ll usually recommend heading to sea on a Rigid Inflatable boat. RIBS are a favourite way of experiencing whale watching – you’re low in the water and feel closer to the wildlife. Larger catamarans are also available – they’re a bit more stable if you’d like to take great photos, and they’re more suitable for families with toddlers. It’s easy to add a trip to your holiday and our dedicated whale watching holidays are perfect for wildlife lovers.

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