Join us on one of our exciting whale watching holidays.

When out at sea the species we most frequently see are sperm and pilot whales, beaked whales and false killer whales, together with bottlenose, common, spotted, Risso’s and striped dolphin. In recent years, we have also sighted blue, fin, sei, minke and humpback whales off the islands’ shores.

These elusive mammals are spotted by the ‘vigia’, a lookout on the coast. Using powerful binoculars, he guides our boats from the shore to their location.This traditional system works well and was used for many years when the Azorean people hunted the whales.

Some of our boats also use an onboard hydrophone (underwater microphone) to find the cetaceans, and when at sea, they rarely go more than 10 miles from land. The boat skippers and marine biologists will point them out to you, identify the species and give you time to marvel at the spectacle and grab some fantastic photos too (if you’re quick!)

Dolphin and whale watching holidays are without a doubt one of our most popular holiday ideas and you can contact one of our team for more information about when to go.

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