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Kayak or stand up paddle board the crater lakes or the sea around Flores and Terceira and see the Azores from a different perspective.

Our kayaking trips visit the 2 main crater lakes on Sao Miguel; Furnas and Sete Cidades. You'll be enveloped by the volcanic landscape on the calm waters and marvel at the lush vegetation reaching all the way up to the crater rim. Just beware of the parts of the lake that still boil!

Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to explore the peace and tranquility of the crater lakes and have a birds eye view of the plant and fish life below the water.  Our stand up paddle boarding sessions at Sete Cidades can be added to any holiday experience. 

On Flores, you can either kayak on the crater lakes in the interior or for a really unique experience, follow the coastline and view the magnificent waterfalls cascading into the sea or visit the rocky islet of Monchique which marks the last landfall before America.

Terceira is an emerging sea kayaking destination. We have 6 sea kayaks based in Praia da Vitoria on the south east coast of the island. They are a highly regarded Portuguese brand, NELO, and the model is called 'The Azores'. Chosen not because of the their name(!) but because they are easy to manouevre and very stable making them ideal for beginners.

NELO Azores kayaks used on Terceira

The trips are dictated by the sea conditions but the most popular are half day trips round the sandy bay of Praia and another along the south east coast. If you are keen, we can also arrange longer journeys. Terceira makes an ideal sea kayaking island as it has lots of shallow sandy bays and small ports for launching or stopping off at and of course a swim.

All of our kayaking trips are guided and are either half or full day although extensions can be arranged on Terceira. On São Miguel you can combine kayaking on Sete Cidades lake with mountain biking around the crater's trails.

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