A holiday on Flores feels like an escape from the rest of the world.

FloresFlores is arguably the most beautiful island of the Azores archipelago – a flourishing, verdant landscape of rolling hills and crater lakes, of magnificent waterfalls and monolithic seacliffs, and isolated whitewashed fishing villages dashed with Atlantic sea spray.

FloresFlores (and her smaller neighbour Corvo) sit on the western-side of the tectonic plate boundary between the North Atlantic plate and the Eurasian plate (with the Azores Microplate squeezed in-between). Unlike the other islands of the Azores, there are no recorded volcanic eruptions on the island and her calderas are generally considered to be extinct. Still, these tectonic plates are slowly moving apart – increasing the distance between Flores and the main island of Sao Miguel by around 25mm each year.

Flores Our favourite places to stay are in-or-around Faja Grande: a wonderfully easy-going and welcoming little hamlet which has the honour of being the most-westerly village in Europe. There’s a very off-grid feel Faja Grande: ideal for a respite from the trappings of 21st century life.


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