São Jorge

Sao Jorge is the third island of the ‘Ilhas Triangulo’ – a triangle in the centre of the Azores, formed by Sao Jorge and the neighbouring islands of Pico and Faial.

Sao Jorge’s long, slender shape is quite unlike any of the other islands of the Azores. 55km long and only 7km at its widest point. The island was formed by a linear volcanic fissure – a tectonic plate boundary which extends 200km east all the way to the main island of Sao Miguel. The island is famous for it’s fajas – coastal plateaus which are home to many of the island’s smaller villages. The fajas are formed by different processes – by ancient landslides in the north where the seacliffs are steepest, creating the best natural swimming pools in the Azores (such as the Piscina Natural Simao Dias). The cliffs on the south coast are less-steep and many of the southern fajas were formed by lava flows. Walking the island’s excellent network of hiking trails with our resident guide is a great way to explore the fajas.

The island is also famous for it’s cheeses. Azoreans are proud of their seasonal, home-grown produce and the island’s award-winning cheeses are subject to protected designations of origin, preserving the traditional production methods and the unique character of Sao Jorge’s most famous export.

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