This is a true wild dolphin experience and undoubtedly the highlight of many of our client’s holidays. With 25% of the world’s known cetacean species and the largest variety of dolphin species worldwide, this has to be the ultimate swimming with dolphins holiday destination.

There are 8 species around the Azores with but you’re most likely to see Common, Atlantic Spotted, Risso’s and Bottlenose dolphins and the pods are usually large of between 50 and 200 individuals. Super pods of up to 1000 have been sighted though!

Some species are more curious and exuberant than others, leaping out of the sea and swimming close to you beneath the water. A glance from a dolphin is an unusual, memorable even spiritual experience. They are intelligent, highly organised and present no danger to humans and the symphony of communication sounds you’ll hear beneath the water is extraordinary.

If playing in the water with these amazing mammals is your dream than contact one of our team to find out more about our unique swimming with dolphins holidays.

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