Known as the ‘White Island’, Graciosa has a gentle rolling landscape, dotted with windmills and traditional whitewashed houses. The island’s peaceful, rural charm is perfect for a truly relaxing break.

Graciosa has kept its farming roots, and still important to the island’s economy is the production of wine. The patchwork of vineyards bordered by the low black walls of hardened lava is characteristic of the landscape. After some wine tasting in one of the cooperatives, head south to Carapacho to the thermal baths where a relaxing 15 minute soak is offered as a treatment for rheumatism and skin disorders.

The Furna do Enxofre (Sulphur Cavern), is a unique geological phenomenon. In the interior of this former volcano is an extraordinary sight: a tunnel, about 100 metres deep, opens into a huge grotto with a magnificent volcanic vault (80 metres high), and a lake filled with cold sulphurous water. Reached via a 90 metre stone spiral staircase, it is simply awe-inspiring.

Island figures
Length 12.5km
Breadth 8.5km
Surface area 61km²
Population 5,000

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