Flores & Corvo

With its semi-tropical landscape, Flores is reputed to be the most beautiful island of the archipelago, whereas the picturesque Corvo and the warm hospitality of the people that call it home will certainly find a place in your heart.

Flores is an island of incomparable beauty due to its different geological structure, jagged terrain, beautiful flora and wonderful mountain lakes. Waterfalls plunge down green cliffs into the ocean, the landscape has deep creases formed by eons of volcanic activity, and tiny whitewashed villages nestle on the coastal plains.

The western-most village in Europe, Fajã Grande, is on Flores and is backed by a natural bowl with myriad cascades, tropical foliage and romantic pools. The little capital of Santa Cruz on the east coast is home to fishermen and boat builders and is a haven for native birds.

To the north of Flores, a 60min boat trip takes you to the smallest island, Corvo. The picturesque town of Vila Nova with a population of just 400 is a maze of narrow streets, called ‘canadas’, waiting to be explored. Monte Grosso, the highest point on the island offers an extraordinary view overlooking the steep sided crater that formed the island.

Apart from the exceptional walking and the unique opportunity to sea kayak at the end of Europe, many birdwatchers visit Flores and Corvo especially in September to catch a glimpse of North American vagrants at this, the edge of the Western Palearctic.

Island figures - Flores
Length 17km
Breadth 12.5km
Surface area 143km²
Population 4,500

Island figures - Corvo
Length 6.5km
Breadth 4km
Surface area 17km²
Population 400

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