What can we expect?

The weather in the Azores is changeable! The islands enjoy a mild temperate climate throughout the year and benefit from the Gulf Stream; a current of warm water that heads north east from the Gulf of Mexico. The average air temperature varies between 11 and 26°C depending on the time of year and the surrounding ocean averages between 15 and 25°C. Being so far out in the Atlantic, the islands are prone to rainy days at any time of year, and without these showers of course, you could not enjoy the beautiful flora on the islands.

November to March

You can expect to have some bright sunny days, a few wet and windy days and some overcast and cloudy days, with average temperatures of between 11 and 17°C. 

April to May & September to October

You can expect consistently warmer weather, brighter sunnier days with average temperatures of between 11 and 24°C.

June to August

You can expect lovely warm sunny days with average temperatures of between 15 and 26°C (with some days reaching 30°C). It can be quite humid especially on the coast or in areas where there is a lot of vegetation.


If you are looking for a beach holiday with guaranteed sun, then the Azores are not the right destination for you. However, if you are looking for a holiday where visiting the beach is just one of many activities, then the Azores might well be the perfect destination!



Max Temp 

Min Temp


Jan 17 11 4.2
Feb 17 11 3.8
Mar 17 11 3.2
Apr 18 12 2.4
May 19 13 1.7
Jun 22 15 1.3
Jul 24 17 1
Aug 26 18 1.2
Sep 24 18 2.9
Oct 22 16 3.7
Nov 19 14 4.3
Dec 18 12 4

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