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This is such a popular week's holiday for our clients that many book it who aren't on honeymoon! Staying at Quinta do Mar on the south coast of São Miguel 5 minutes walk from the pretty port of Caloura is a real treat and undoubtedly our client's favourite place to stay on the island. The owners are great hosts, they cook wonderfully and the facilities are luxurious but within an informal setting. It couldn't be a better base for a relaxing honeymoon.

For your week, we include a hire car so you can explore the island and it's stunning scenery of volcanic craters, hot waterfalls, dramatic coastline and lovely old towns and villages at your own pace. No trip to the Azores is complete without seeing the whales and dolphins so, depending on when you go, we have included a whale and dolphin watching trip and a swimming with dolphins trip as well.

Archipelago Choice Gift List

We have various options for your guests and friends to make contributions towards your honeymoon. Once your 'ideal' honeymoon has been agreed, we give you a reference for your guests to quote. No amount is too small or too large and your guests can decide whether to make their gift anonymous or not.


Excellent. Great attention to our personal wishes, we could not have planned and organised the trip without such expertise 

Mr & Mrs Temple, Harrogate

It was a wonderful honeymoon and we could not have had a better time. The island of Sao Miguel was beautiful and it was a perfect week to remember.

Mr & Mrs Konzon, Essex

We couldn't have written a better honeymoon ourselves -- the trip to the Azores was magical and amazing, it was truly perfect in every way.
From the intimate service and pristine accommodations courtesy of Chris and Nick at Quinto Do Mar, to the special treatment and incredible natural setting of Terra Nostra, to the message in a bottle from the whales and dolphins, our private jeep and horseback riding tours, and to all of our delicious meals across Sao Miguel (and so much more), we are truly grateful to all!!
Thank you for providing such wonderful service.


Alex Siladi, New York USA

As you know it was our honeymoon and we wanted something special to remember forever. I am sure we will do because the holidays were wonderful!!! Açores is an incredible place but the places where we stayed were amazing. I will recomend your company for any people who would like to go there. Without doubt we will contact you also if we decide to visit the islands again or if we go to Cabo Verde.
Thank you so much for your professionality!

Soledad Martos, Barcelona


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Day 1 Fly London to São Miguel. Transfer to accommodation. Overnight Caloura
Day 2 Hire car delivered to accommodation. Overnight Caloura
Day 3 Afternoon - 3 hour whale and dolphin watching trip (all year). Overnight Caloura
Day 4 Free day to explore by car
Day 5 Afternoon - 3 hour swimming with dolphins trip (Apr-Oct). Overnight Caloura
Day 6 Free day to explore by car
Day 7 Free day to explore by car
Day 8 Leave hire car at airport. Fly São Miguel to London

Prices & Dates


Month Price Notes
Jan£949Based on flights from Heathrow via Lisbon
Feb£949Based on flights from Heathrow via Lisbon
Mar£949Based on flights from Heathrow via Lisbon
Apr£1143Based on direct flight from Gatwick
May£1143Based on direct flight from Gatwick
Jun£1315Based on direct flight from Gatwick
Jul£1315Based on direct flight from Gatwick
Aug£1315Based on direct flight from Gatwick
Sep£1315Based on direct flight from Gatwick
Oct£1143Based on direct flight from Gatwick
Nov£949Based on flights from Heathrow via Lisbon
Dec£949Based on flights from Heathrow via Lisbon

Price Info

Prices are per person on B&B sharing basis and include arrival airport transfer, 1 x 3 hour whale and dolphin watching trips (Feb-Nov), 1 x 3 hour swimming with dolphins trip (Apr-Oct), 6 days Model B car hire, flights and airport taxes (guide price only), pre-departure information booklet Prices do not include meals (other than breakfast), excursions on free days, travel insurance.

Useful Information

What to take:
Waterproof, plastic bag for your camera, sun block etc, polarising filter(suggested)

7 nights

Quinta do Mar

Boat type:

Rigid Hull Inflatable (RIB - 12 seater)
On RIBs you usually sit astride a seat which runs down the middle of the boat (your bottom on the seat and feet on the deck)

Commonly seen Whales: Sperm and Pilot whales
Commonly seen Dolphins: Bottlenose, Common, Spotted, Risso’s and Striped dolphins
Occasionally seen Whales: Blue, Fin, Sei, Minke, Beaked (Cuvier’s, Sowerby’s, True’s and Bottlenose), Humpback, Pygmy Sperm, Orca and False killer whales
Occasionally seen Dolphins:Rough Toothed dolphin

Whale watching regulations
The main regulations for whalewatching in the Azores are:

  • Cetaceans should not be chased
  • Boats should not exceed the animal’s speed by more than 2 knots and should keep at a constant speed
  • Boats must move in parallel behind each other and at 60 degrees to the rear of the cetaceans
  • Boats should avoid sudden changes of direction when approaching an animal
  • Boats should maintain a parallel course slightly to the rear of the animals, maintaining an open field of 180 degrees in front of the animals
  • Avoid making any noises which may disturb or attract the animals
  • Boats should not approach any cetacean closer than 50m
  • Boats should not drive through a group of animals separating them, especially isolating the calves from the adults
  • No more than 3 boats may approach dolphins closer than 300m at one time and whales closer than 500m
  • Observation should not exceed 30 minutes equally divided between all vessels
  • Sailing boats may only approach under engine power
  • The use of sonar is not allowed, even outside the observation area
  • Do not feed the whales or dolphins
  • Do not throw litter or other waste in the water

Swimming with the whales is not allowed

All year

Getting to the Azores: 

From the UK:  Direct flights - Saturdays (Gatwick) April to October.  Also, daily scheduled services via Lisbon

From Mainland Europe : There are weekly direct flights from Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen.  Also, daily scheduled services via Lisbon from most European cities

From the USA and Canada : There are twice weekly direct flights both Boston and Toronto.  Also, daily scheduled services via Lisbon

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